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BARTHENAU Vigna S. Michele



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Only the term “Vigna”

guarantees the origin of a single-vineyard wine

and is combined with the famed name of the vineyard parcel.

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Harvest 2013

The Alto Adige weather service summarized the weather for the year 2013 as follows:

"The year 2013 will historically be recorded as warm and precipitous. The average annual temperature in Bolzano was 13.3°C as compared to the long-term average of 12.6°C." "This year therefore continues the trend towards warmer temperatures," highlights the state meteorologist Dieter Peterlin. "The above average temperatures in January, July, August and December were responsible for this, while the spring remained comparatively cool."

The general course of the yearly weather is certainly always important in agriculture and in the vineyards, but there are certain months that are particularly significant for growth and the further course of vine maturation and ripening of grapes. Budbreak and flowering in spring, fruit ripening in July, August, and September, and the final weeks before the harvest are of key importance.

Our summary is as follows: a cool spring with slightly delayed budbreak and flowering, dry and warm weather during flowering, optimal warm temperatures in early and midsummer, September and the beginning of October were warm with occasional showers, and the end of October was cool and dry. Due to late budbreak and flowering, harvest first began mid-September in the lower valley sites.

In the following weeks we were able to work day by day without hectic and slowly pick our way up the mountain. We concluded the harvest with our high-altitude sites and our late-ripening varieties.

Thanks to a few scattered rain showers followed by drying winds and splendid weather that were certainly not detrimental for our grapes, we also received welcome time for the necessary organization of our newly constructed fermentation cellar.

We will keep you informed of our new experiences with the first fermentations in our innovative new barrels. In advance, we can say that our anticipations have not only been fulfilled, but even exceeded!

Picking of the late harvest Gewürztraminer was the crowing completion to the 2013 harvest. A very damp November did not prophesize well, but the cold, dry, and windy December redeemed all. 

Marvellously raisined grapes with occasional noble rot are promising indeed!

The wines are currently maturing in the cellar. First tastings confirm wines that reflect the year 2013: fresh fruit, pleasant acidity, and elegant, fine-boned wines of superb structure.

A harvest day in the cellar. Click!