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Only the term “Vigna”

guarantees the origin of a single-vineyard wine

and is combined with the famed name of the vineyard parcel.

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Vintage 2012

It appears that winter simply does not want to end. We have seldom had such a frequency of abundant snowfall all the way down to the lower mountain slopes. The vineyards were clothed a stunning white blanket of snow several times in January, February and March.

We finished winter pruning in our vineyards in these last weeks. As the vines enjoyed their winter sleep we were actually preparing for the autumn harvest for which pruning plays a significant determining role. By pruning the vine, nourishment is concentrated and the yield is smaller, but grapes are more aromatic and intensely flavoured.

Water and nutrients are absorbed by the roots and flow through the trunk to nourish leaves and fruit. Damage to the route of transportation, to the multiple tiny capillaries, injures the plant on its vital line. To prevent this kind of harm, we use a special gentle pruning method. The purpose of this method is to prevent large wounds occurring to vine wood that is older than two years. We avoid making large wounds to the vines yet still cut them back to the necessary size. “This allows vines to grow old – one hundred years should not be unusual,” says Martin Foradori.

The last months have been busy in our cellar. The first white wines of the 2012 vintage have been bottled and have left the winery. Immediately after the harvest, we were cautious with our predictions about the quality – 2012 was not an easy vintage. Initial tastings of the finished wines have proved to be more than satisfactory. The decision to be selective and harvest smaller quantities rewarded us with the quality that meets our high standards.

Weiss Burgunder (Pinot Bianco) and Gewürztraminer excel with deep fruit and fine acidity, and elegance. The Gewürztraminer exhibits inimitable varietal aroma. The fruit sweetness dances on the palate and fills the senses. Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio both impress with intense fruit and a long finish. The red wines are vibrant and quite approachable with soft, velvety tannins. These are not muscular powerhouses, but complex wines with finesse and pleasant freshness.

Our oenologist Markus Heinel and our wineshop manager Isolde Kössler have put together their impressions for several of our white wines for you:

de Vite 2012 

Delicate green-yellow. Fascinating bouquet with tropical fruit and nuances of elderflower. Light and harmonious on the palate with refreshing acidity and great finesse.

Weissburgunder 2012

Brilliant yellow. The bouquet displays ripe pear and lemon drops. The palate impresses with finesse, mineral character, and yellow citrus fruit. The finish is intense and charming.

Chardonnay 2012 

Pale yellow. Aromas of green banana and melon lead into a creamy, persistent mouthfeel. A vibrant spine of acid and appetizing salty spice on the finish. A harmonious accompaniment to food.

Pinot Grigio 2012

Pale straw yellow. Aromas of apple and delicate citrus fruit open generously in the glass. Due to its elegant character and well-balanced fine texture, this wine already offers tremendous drinking pleasure.

Müller Thurgau 2012

Green-yellow. Fragrance of lime, lemon, and fresh meadow blossoms are also reflected on the palate in a refreshing structure and joined by elegant, smoky minerals.

Gewürztraminer 2012

Brilliant golden yellow. The nose exhibits a classic Gewürztraminer bouquet with rose petals, acacia honey and litchi! Subtle fruit sweetness and mild acidity on the juicy palate. Mineral and well-balanced.