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The great difference?

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BARTHENAU Vigna S. Michele



BARTHENAU Vigna S. Urbano




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Only the term “Vigna”

guarantees the origin of a single-vineyard wine

and is combined with the famed name of the vineyard parcel.

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The extensive mountainside terrace of Mazon is located on the eastern side of the Adige Valley opposite Tramin. It is famed for its superb Pinot Noir sites: they face towards the west and the evening sun, cooled by the ‘Ora’ which blows from the south until the early evening, keeping the grape clusters dry and healthy, especially important for the tightly-packed Pinot Noir clusters which trap moisture between the berries.

Pinot Noir appears to feel at home in the soils and climate here. For this we are indebted to the intuition and pioneering spirit of Ludwig Barth von Barthenau, the former owner of the wine farmstead after whom the estate is named. He introduced the Pinot Noir vine into his vineyards on the broad mountainside terrace named after the hamlet of Mazon at the beginning of the 19th century.

Here the grapes ripen slowly to develop the unmistakable fruit aromas and flavours typical of Pinot Noir while retaining vibrant acidity. The forest which flanks the vineyards and the limestone rock face behind protect against biting winds. The ‘Vigna San Urbano’ stands out distinctly among the various parcels of vineyard in the Barthenau estate- It is planted with old Pinot Noir vines which produce grapes and subsequently wines with amazing varietal character. It has become the flagship of the Hofstätter wine estate.

And not only. It has contributed substantially to the success of this grape variety in both Alto Adige and Italy in general.