The 2020 vintage is in the cellar!

We are grateful for the outstanding grape quality and the good harvest in this otherwise turbulent year.

Marvellous late summer weather lasted for weeks and provided ideal conditions for grapes to ripen. After commencing the harvest with our Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay grapes in the Tramin vineyards at the beginning of September, we turned our full attention to Pinot Noir. This fragile variety with sensitive yet tannin-rich grape skins now offers a perfect balance between maturity and elegant acidity and promises to be a highlight of this vintage.

Meticulous manual labour in the vineyard throughout the year has been rewarded once again. Grapes remained resilient during occasional heavy rainfalls in autumn. Healthy leaves and vital soils helped us to wait for the optimum ripeness and perfect picking time. Precise selection of the Pinot Noir grape berries was performed with a fully automatic optical sorting system for the first time this autumn. The results of our first series of tests have more than exceeded expectations and have taken us an important step forward in our untiring quality aspirations.

After Pinot Noir, we harvested our Pinot Blanc. By the end of their fermentation in wooden barrels they had become wines with good tension and wonderful texture. From the last third of September onwards, we brought in our Gewürztraminer from the steep slopes and terraces of the Kolbenhof farmstead. Intensely fragrant and powerful young wines already indicate enormous potential. At the same time, we harvested fully ripe and powerful Lagrein, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which the warm but not too hot summer ripened to perfect balance.

Our most highly elevated vineyards at Oberkerschbaum and Maso Michei, where extreme alpine conditions prevail, still required the benevolence of sunny autumn days. Sauvignon experiences particularly exhilarating development at high elevations, resulting in pronounced and inimitable aroma and thrilling acidity. We have come to know the class and potential of the long underestimated Müller Thurgau at Maso Michei. On the meagre limestone soils of this site, the variety matures into an expressive white wine with elegant fruit and fine minerality. The Pinot Noir from these lofty heights is equally stunning and will bring us many a palate pleasure.

After a dry and hot summer on the Saar, it required plenty of patience and good nerves to wait for autumn rainfall to cease before beginning the harvest. In the end, however, we were rewarded with ripe and healthy grapes in our Ockfen and Saarburg vineyards. The 2020 vintage promises superb, mineral, dry Rieslings.

Kolbenhof Spaetlese Gewuerzer Lese -1013