“No risk, no gain,” could have been what Ludwig Ritter Barth von Barthenau thought as he brought Pinot Noir vines from their home in France to a high plateau above Neumarkt in Alto Adige. Intuition and curiosity drove him to experiment with their cultivation ­– successfully!

What began at the end of the 19th century has manifested a number of first class wines from the J. Hofstätter estate. This year we will introduce a sparkling wine from Pinot Noir for the first time – the BARTHENAU BRUT Rosé. It belongs to the “Selektion” series in the J. Hofstätter assortment and is produced according to the classic method of bottle fermentation.

The grapes were harvested from over 70-year-old vines in the Hof Barthenau vineyards. These vines produce loose grape clusters with small grape berries that yield particularly concentrated and flavourful juice. Only a small share of these valuable grapes are destined for the BARTHENAU BRUT Rosé.

The sparkling wine remains exceptionally long in the bottle for the second fermentation – 70 months. That means nearly six years on the yeast: why? During this lengthy process, the yeasts break down in a process called autolysis and the wine gains in character. Next to the aromas from the base wine, other attractive flavour nuances evolve. The carbon dioxide produced during the bottle fermentation also becomes very well integrated. Once in the glass, the mousse is subsequently very fine and persistent.

Because we leave the wine on the yeast in 1.5-litre magnum bottles, it has more space to mature gracefully for many years. Not only the size of the bottle indicates the quality of this sparkling wine, it is also expressed with elegantly purist labelling. The seal of Family J. Hofstätter and a wine tag adorn the bottle of sparkling before it is sent out into the world.

With the idea of producing a varietal sparkling wine from Pinot Noir, we aspire to a new interpretation of our love for this grape variety. Pinot Noir lends BARTHENAU BRUT Rosé an inimitable, powerful structure. A stature that lives up to its namesake, Ludwig Ritter Barth von Barthenau, a stately wine pioneer said to have had quite broad shoulders.

We recommend this sparkling wine as an aperitif, but also as a bubbly accompaniment to everything from starters to hearty meat dishes. The BARTHENAU BRUT Rosé can shoulder nearly anything…

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