The word Vigna on the label signifies a single-vineyard wine made from grapes sourced from a single, precisely demarcated vineyard parcel. J. Hofstätter assigns this classification to wines of the finest terroirs that embody the intrinsic quality and style of an outstanding vineyard year after year.

The wine estate has labelled the Pinot Nero Barthenau Vigna S. Urbano and the Pinot Bianco Barthenau Vigna S. Michele with their specific vineyard parcels since 1987. Grandfather and father recognised the exceptional quality of these sites and planted them with the best-suited varieties. The historic roots of wine, its origin and identity, continue to be preserved today just as the estate pioneers intended. J. Hofstätter was the first winery in Alto Adige that was permitted to write Vigna on its labels because it always preserved the historic site and farmstead names and vinified demarcated vineyard parcels separately. Just as his father Paolo before him, vintner Martin Foradori Hofstätter makes tradition and terroir the focus of his work. Independent of passing market trends, he continues with conviction what has proven itself in the vineyards over decades.

Further single-vineyard wines have joined Barthenau Vigna S.Urbano Pinot Nero and Barthenau Vigna S. Michele Pinot Bianco in the winery’s portfolio of great growths: Vigna Kolbenhof Gewürztraminer, Vigna Steinraffler Lagrein, and three signature wines that are vinified exclusively under the best vintage conditions, “Konrad Oberhofer” Vigna Pirchschrait Gewürztraminer, “Ludwig Barth Von Barthenau” Vigna Roccolo Pinot Nero and “Joseph Hofstätter” Vigna Rechtenthaler Schlossleiten Gewürztraminer.

Great growths demand certain obligations. The harvest volume of small parcels is always limited and thus also the quantity of wine. Vagaries of the weather demand intense labour and unpredictable measures from the vintner. This can however pose an added attraction to the wine connoisseur. Each vintage carries the mark of unique weather conditions and bears inimitable character.