Handcraft Expertise for Quality Wine

Experienced hands are required to produce our quality wines – not only in the cellar, but also in the vineyard.

When vegetation awakens in spring, one of the most delicate growth phases begins in the vineyard and the care of the vines requires great attention to the minutest detail. Care in the pruning and thinning out techniques is crucial for the yield and the continued healthy growth of our vines, the oldest of which are over 80 years old.
This heritage of nature has been preserved for generations; it is of inestimable value to us and must continue to be preserved. For this reason, we have entrusted the attentive and sensitive care of our vines to specialized employees from Romania for years. Extensively trained and highly experienced, they have been tending our vineyards with great diligence and dedication for more than a decade.

This year’s spring will be remembered by all. The world was overwhelmed by an unprecedented, exceptional situation. Nothing seemed the way it used to be.

Our team from Romania also faced difficulties. Crossing borders to get from their homeland to Alto Adige appeared impossible. The EU’s “green corridor”, set up for seasonal agricultural workers to travel freely to those European countries that urgently need their help, was abruptly interrupted at the Hungarian border in mid-April. There was no further progress. We had to act immediately. Because no help could be expected on the political front, we found a drastic solution. We chartered a private jet to bring our employees from Cluj-Romania to Italy, where they finally landed at the Bolzano airport.

We had not expected the public echo that followed. Our uncompromising decision was immediately reported in important national and international media, newspapers and television stations, from the Italian daily newspaper “Corriere della sera” to the political talk show “Otto e Mezzo” with the well-known journalist Lilli Gruber, from the Tg1 Rai in “Studio Aperto” to reports in Romanian and even French television.

Martin Foradori Hofstätter, the fourth generation of the Hofstätter family to manage the winery, explains, “I couldn’t entrust this work to just anyone. The cultivation of our Pinot Noir vines, planted in Mazon in the year 1942, requires attentive and exacting skill. The quality of our wines also comes from the precise manual work in the vineyard, especially the work carried out in the spring”.

J. Hofstätter is a family wine estate and winemaking is a craft that requires profound knowledge and attentive care. The cultivation of our vineyards requires experience, specialisation and precision and cannot be left to improvisation. It is not the origin of our employees that is decisive, but their knowledge, their commitment, their dedication. Our team is currently tending to every single vine with the usual professionalism, thus ensuring that our wines continue to be produced in the quality that has always distinguished us.

Manual work and experience toward another unforgettable vintage in the glass!

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