Particularly challenging viticulture has always inspired us and now finds its ultimate expression in two new wines from highly elevated sites: the “Oberkerschbaum” Sauvignon sourced from Alto Adige/Südtirol slopes at 750 m.a.s.l. and the “Michei di Michei” Müller Thurgau from Maso Michei in Trentino at 823 m.a.s.l.

The Oberkerschbaum Sauvignon is made from a selection of grapes from vineyards at our eponymous farmstead in Bucholz above Salurn in Alto Adige/Südtirol. The microclimate of this south-facing aspect at elevations between 750 and 800 metres yields particularly expressive wines from this grape variety.

Grapes ripen slowly here and are harvested late in autumn, yielding wines of inimitable character: refreshing aromas, minerality, fruity flavour and vibrant acidity. Next to the exceptional quality of the vineyard site, one also enjoys an expansive view toward the south all the way into the neighbouring Trentino region. This is the landscape that once so impressed Albrecht Dürer on his journey to Venice.

The second new wine is the Michei di Michei Müller Thurgau. This wine carries the name of our farmstead in Trentino, located at 823 m.a.s.l. above the picturesque city of Ala bordering the Lessini Natural Park and the Veneto region. The vineyards lie tucked away in a unique position at the end of the Valle die Ronchi (Ronchi Valley).

The location itself is a challenge: pruning takes place at ice cold temperatures and snow cover of up to 30 cm also doesn’t make things easier. Due to the steep slopes between 790 and 850 m.a.s.l., the harvest and all other vineyard work must be done by hand.

Exposed to an extreme climate and rooted in meagre, rocky soils, the vines in these vineyards are truly heroic. The resulting wines have impressive character and an tremendous personality.

Oberkerschbaum 2017
Maso Michei
Michei di Michei 2018