Kolbenhof 2011

One often hears that red wines should be stored long and white wine should be drunk young. This is not always true! Anyone who has experimented soon discovers that not every red wine can age gracefully and some white wines actually gain more character with time.

The grape variety and wine style may make it recommendable to drink a particular red wine while still young and to leave a particular white wine time to mature.

Our Gewürztraminer is sourced from the Kolbenhof Vineyard, one of the very best plots of the Josef Hofstätter estates. This white wine first develops its exquisite beauty after long maturation. The 2011 vintage spent nine months in barrel on the fine lees before bottling and was then left to rest for a further month before being released on the market.

This special maturation process increases the aroma and depth of Gewürztraminer – an old variety that feels particularly at home on the Kolbenhof slope above the village of Tramin. The fine lees that collect at the bottom of the barrel are stirred weekly. This exposure to oxygen and tannin lends the wine increased complexity and longevity.
Even after ten months of maturation in the winery, the Kolbenhof Gewürztraminer has not yet approached its peak. In good storage conditions, this wine can mature for years in the bottle without signs of decline. This is exhibited by past vintages that we keep available for you in small quantities in our shop.