An Extraordinary Pinot Noir

Good wine originates in the vineyard – even more so, excellent wine. Excellent wines demand the very best grapes from exceptionally good sites in outstanding vintages. Each grape is meticulously selected by hand and its quality ascertained.

The year 2012 was superb for Pinot Noir and for the Roccolo vineyard at the Barthenau farmstead on the elevated plateau of Mazon. A parcel of particularly flavourful grapes from over 70-year-old vines that grow on traditional pergolas were reserved for a special new wine. These precious grapes were harvested and vinified separately and matured in small oak barrels. Martin Foradori Hofstätter presented this concentrated, exceptionally complex and elegant Pinot Noir at the end of 2015. It impresses with supple, delicate acid structure – the spine of every great Pinot. The vintner’s Burgundian instinct led him down the right path and all the hard work into the late evening hours have been rewarded. A Pinot Noir of extraordinary pedigree from an exceptional parcel on the elevated Mazon plateau now crowns the assortment of Pinot Noir from the estate.

Ludwig Barth von Barthenau

Ludwig Barth, a university professor with a passion for wine, built the eponymous estate in Mazon at the end of the 19th century. He planted Pinot Noir there for the first time, which subsequently proved to be quite a success. The elevated plateau situated above Neumarkt offers Pinot Noir an ideal terroir. It is not only quite a prestigious wine origin within South Tyrol, but is one of the most highly esteemed sites for Pinot Noir within all of Italy.


By pure serendipity, Martin Foradori Hofstätter’s grandfather (father’s side) was able to acquire three farmsteads and their lands in Mazon at the end of the 1930s; the Barthenau estate was among them. The farmers in the small, scattered settlement cultivated fruit trees, corn and even tobacco, but very few vines. A couple of vines stood next to a “roccolo”, a bird snare construction. Bird snare constructions were once a regional tradition and a few continue to exist in tranquil locations in mountainous regions where flocks of birds may rest undisturbed. The Mazon plateau, highly elevated above the Adige River continues to be such a peaceful place today.


As happenstance would have it, a name was available for the new wine from Mazon: Roccolo. That this was the historic name of the land parcel where the old bird snare construction once stood, is a fact that had escaped Martin Foradori Hofstätter all these years. Only recently while reviewing old land registers did this name come to light. Next to the listing of the “Vigna S. Urbano” vineyard, “Roccolo” is also written in Old German Script. This historic parcel name now documents the origin of the most recent addition to the Hofstätter assortment.


The Josef Hofstätter winery is known for its Pinots, in particular for the Barthenau Vigna S. Urbano Pinot Noir. Through Paolo Foradori, the father of the current vintner, this “foreigner” (as this French variety was then considered) gained renown in the region. He unerringly followed his passion for Pinot Noir. With the “Riserva Mazon” and the “Barthenau Vigna S. Urbano”, each with its own character, the wines from Mazon soon achieved local and international fame. The “Ludwig Barth von Barthenau-Roccolo” contributes yet another extraordinary and elegant wine to the Hofstätter assortment.

Two white wines…

And as if that were not yet enough, two new white wines will leave the cellar this year. Like the Roccolo, they are vinified from grapes from special vineyard parcels. These wines will also only be produced in good vintages. Excellence is rare!

Barthenau S. Michele, ein Baluburgunder der Extraklasse.