Nature endures!

Even during this extraordinary time, nature does not pause or hesitate, but bestows us with bright, colourful and sweet-smelling spring days once again.

To highlight our appreciation for Mother Nature, we post about her wonders in social media under the heading “nature is never on hold”. Videos and photos from the hand of Martin Foradori Hofstätter document daily work in the vineyard and show the everyday life of a winegrower who carefully and thoughtfully tends the sensitive microcosm in his vineyard.
Nature is our greatest asset. We preserve its uniqueness in the vineyard by consistently working in a gentle, environmentally friendly and ecological way.

Environmental protection has always been a major concern for us. When tilling the soil between the vine rows, we take care to preserve biodiversity by sowing flowers and wild herbs. This aerates the soil, promotes biological activity and increases fertility. The numerous flowering plants also provide an ideal habitat for bees. Decomposed livestock manure supplied from neighbouring farms is spread as fertilization. After evaluation of the current weather report and data provided by our estate’s meteorological stations, we plan the work in our vineyards accordingly.

We abstain completely from chemical herbicides. Instead we use a device with brushes that work the undergrowth and keep the soil directly under the vines free of weeds. Native bushes and trees border our vineyards and provide a suitable habitat for numerous birds. Our feathered friends serve as a natural method of gentle parasite control. We use the method of sexual confusion to hinder grape berry moth infestation. By placing pheromones in the vineyard, pest mating is disrupted without endangering beneficial organisms.

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