Hofstätter classification

Selection wines

The Kirchberg is very concentrated and rich with a deep ruby colour. The bouquet combines the lightly herbaceous and cassis notes typical of Cabernet with the warm and fruity characteristics of Merlot. Cabernet’s acidity and abundant tannins harmonise perfectly with the opulence and fruit of Merlot. This wine will evolve and mature gracefully, softening and acquiring elegance after one or two years in the bottle.

Grape Variety

80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon




Rare roast beef or lamb as well as game and mature cheeses.

Serving temperature

15° - 17° C


Grapes are destemmed and lightly crushed upon arrival and undergo a brief cold maceration before fermentation that lasts 10 days. During fermentation the skins are kept submerged in the must. Towards the end of the fermentation, the temperature is allowed to rise a little to enhance colour and flavour extraction from the grape skins.