Hofstätter classification

Single vineyard wines

Manca testo

Grape Variety

Pinot Noir


Conglomerate of clay, limestone, porphyry, and fine gravel.


White wine vinification

Barthenau Farmstead

“No pain, no gain,” could have been what Ludwig Ritter Barth von Barthenau was thinking when he brought Pinot Noir grapes with him from his origins in France and planted them on a high plateau above Neumarkt in Alto Adige. Intuition and curiosity drove him to give this variety a chance in his new home – and the grapes thrived! The idea to reserve a very small portion of the grapes from the Barthenau farmstead for a special, aristocratic “Metodo classico Rosé” sparkling was born in 2008.

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Opposite Tramin-Trameno, on the east side of the valley, is the Mazon plateau with its exceptional vineyards. The denomination "Vigna" indicates a wine that comes from a well defined parcel and guarantees its provenance. This ranking gives the wine the typicality, style and character of the vineyard where it was born.

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4 Generation

Josef Hofstätter, a trained locksmith, operated a small restaurant in Tramin together with his wife Maria and produced wine in their cellar. Being business savvy and forward-thinking, he founded a winery in 1907 and successfully traded wine.
Josef Hofstätter passed away childless in 1942 and his wife continued to run the business, assisted by their long-time employee, Konrad Oberhofer.

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