Dr. Fischer

The “Ockfener Bockstein” is in a side valley of the Saar and opens like an amphitheatre toward the south-southwest above the village Ockfen. The soil is predominantly hard, weathered, slate rubble. Wines that grow in the Ockfener Bockstein exhibit a floral fragrance reminiscent of elderflower, lilac, and violets and possess nearly salty minerality that is paired with the smokiness of slate.


Grape Variety



Medium grey, finely foliated slate.


In March 2014, Martin Foradori Hofstätter seized the welcome opportunity to revitalize the historic “Weingut Dr. Fischer” on the Saar. The small, internationally acclaimed winery cultivates Riesling in the top class, steep sites “Bockstein” and “Saarburger Kupp”. “In the greatest vintages, the best Mosel wine comes from the Saar,” is a regional vintner saying.