10 Facts


Fact no. 1 Family

Josef Hofstätter founded the winery in Tramin-Termeno in 1907. The Foradori Hofstätter family continues a tradition for cutting edge wine culture in the fourth family generation. With the recent purchase of Maso Michei, they return to the roots of their forefathers in Trentino to explore the remarkable merits of highly elevated vineyards.


Fact no. 2 Size

With 50 vineyard hectares (124 acres), J. Hofstätter is among the largest family wine estates in South Tyrol. This size still allows most work to be done by hand. When appropriate, conscientious use of best technologies is employed, particularly in the highly modern cellar.


Fact no. 3 Diversity

The vineyards lie between 250 and 850 metres (820-2790 feet) in varying terrains and climate zones. The diversity of vineyard terroirs in Alto Adige and Trentino allows several different grape varieties to find optimal conditions.


Fact no. 4 West and east

Weingut-Tenuta J. Hofstätter is the only family wine estate in South Tyrol (Südtirol-Alto Adige) that owns vineyards on both the west and east sides of the Adige Valley and in southern Trentino. The varying expositions offer ideal growing conditions for both red and wine wines.


Fact no. 5 Local Varieties

J. Hofstätter cultivates primarily traditional local varieties: Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Lagrein, and Vernatsch. Years of experience with these varieties guarantees a consistently high quality of wines independent of all passing trends and fashions.


Fact no. 6 Gewürztraminer & Pinot Noir

Between Kolbenhof and the Rechenthaler Schlossleiten vineyard near Tramin-Termeno and the farmsteads Barthenau and Yngram in Mazon, the J. Hofstätter estate owns the largest first class Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir vineyard area. These sites yield wines of international renown.


Fact no. 7 Excellence has Roots

J. Hofstätter is the pioneer of single vineyard wines in South Tyrol (Südtirol-Alto Adige). Those wines speak of their origin – of the site and soil where the vines root and the climate in which the grapes ripen. Among the first wines of South Tyrol that are named for their historic vineyards are the Gewürztraminer from Kolbenhof and the Pinot Noir Vigna S. Urbano from Barthenau.


Fact no. 8 Vigna - Top Terroir

Wines from demarcated and classified sites carry the Italian name for vineyard, “Vigna”. This designates great growths and is the equivalent of the French “cru”. J. Hofstätter was the first estate in South Tyrol (Südtirol-Alto Adige) to produce single-vineyard wines.


Fact no. 9 Strong by Nature

J. Hofstätter introduced the technique of soft pruning, which minimizes human intervention, very early. It promotes healthy and resilient vines that yield flavourful fruit and live long.


Fact no. 10 Riesling

Martin Foradori Hofstätter follows his passion for Riesling beyond the Alps. He became the first Italian vintner to own vineyards predestined for this variety on the Saar River (Mosel) in Germany. He is now a managing partner at the “Weingut Dr. Fischer – Hofstätter Mosel” estate.