Vigna – our „Cru“!

“The intrinsic quality of a vineyard is the decisive factor in whether or not a single-vineyard wine is produced – a wine that expresses a very specific origin. The leading wine regions of the world have classifications for their vineyards, Mosel or Burgundy for example. The French speak of a single vineyard wine as a ‘Cru’, a wine with a sense of place.

In Italy, this is called a ‘Vigna’ and is stated on the label of a wine from a single vineyard, a wine made from grapes that come from a demarcated and registered vineyard.

My father Paulo was the first in South Tyrol to release a single-vineyard wine on the market: the Pinot Noir Vigna S. Urbano. This is a true ‘Cru’ wine, but not the only one in our assortment that stems from an officially registered ‘Vigna’.

Being a representative of the single-vineyard philosophy means being an ambassador for the wines of South Tyrol. It means further strengthening the awareness of the wines from our warm Alpine region. Vigna is the ultimate expression of a great terroir!”

Martin Foradori Hofstätter