Vintage 2014

The vintage 2014 was meteorologically quite variable and vine cultivation was very labour-intensive.

Things that appeared threatening in mid-summer were offset by more pleasant weather in September and October. In the end, the year brought a very unique and characterful vintage and we are quite satisfied.

The wines, in particular the fresh, fruity, crisp white wines, are currently still on their fine lees and developing beautifully.We taste our wines weekly to follow their development. It is amazing to see how it is possible to analyse the process of ripening on the vine from the summary of the tastings. The slow ripening of the grapes due to low temperatures have resulted in very mineral character and pronounced varietal fruit in the Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and de Vite. The mineral notes are repeated on the palate and the overall structure of the wines is very elegant and distinguished by highly refreshing acidity – a certain sign for the longevity of these wines.

The Gewürztraminer appears quite remarkable. The South Tyrol style for this variety is known for its elegance, vibrant fruit, dry vinification, and exceptionally refreshing acidity. Thanks to the prolonged ripening period and cool weather, the vibrant acidity is even more pronounced than already accustomed in South Tyrol. For those who have been sceptical about Gewürztraminer in the past due to its intense aroma, will be pleasantly surprised by the 2014 vintage!

The most significant attribute of the 2014 vintage when compared to past years, is the low alcohol content. As with the acidity, it is again here the slightly lower temperatures in September and October that were responsible for a longer ripening period and lower accumulation of sugar in the grapes.

A novelty in our wine assortment this year is the “Cereseto” Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes for this wine stem from the recently replanted Oberkerschbaumerhof vineyard in Buchholz at 800 metres altitude above Salurn as well as from other selected vineyards. We could not of chosen a more representative vintage for the introduction of this variety. The “Cereseto” currently displays very youthful aroma with fine fruit reminiscent of elderberry and gooseberry, an elegant velvety body, and the acidity that is so typical for the vintage carries the flavours long on the finish.

Please join us in the enjoyment of this exciting vintage!